Here at Gone to Earth Fabrics we love to craft, sew, patchwork, quilt and make bags,  Using beautiful fabrics makes it an even more enjoyable activity.  If creating beautiful things is something you like to do too then you've arrived at the perfect place.

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Free Download - Interlinings and their equivalents

March 30, 2015

  This is a 12 page downloadable Free PDF about Vilene interlinings and their Pellon equivalents which may help you decide what product will help you complete your project.  VIlene and Pellon are both trade names so their products aren't identical which makes it very difficult when using sewing patterns written for either the Pellon products or the vilene ones.  What to you do for the best?  How do you achieve what the pattern designer intended? This document tries to help with that. However, what makes a vilene interlining and a Pellon interlining equivalents of each other is the job that they are designed to do and not a similarity in look and feel. This is a Free download and I hope it helps you with your interlining decisions.... Continue Reading →

Downloadable Tutorials - How to cover a self-cover button

March 18, 2015

I use a lot of self-cover buttons in my sewing.  They're easy to do once you've a template for cutting out the fabric with and I think the finished product can really add something to your project.  They can co-ordinate with the other fabrics in colour and tone and really make the whole thing glow.           With this in mind I've written a set of step-by-step instructions so that you can cover your own buttons in your favourite fabrics.  Don't forget we also sell  self-cover button blanks in various sizes.   So, the first downloadable pattern on Gone To Earth is a set of downloadable instructions and templates that can be printed off actual size for you... Continue Reading →