Here at Gone to Earth Fabrics we love to craft, sew, patchwork, quilt and make bags,  Using beautiful fabrics makes it an even more enjoyable activity.  If creating beautiful things is something you like to do too then you've arrived at the perfect place.

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October 23, 2014

Hello! I'm thinking that if you've shopped with us before then you're going to wonder for a brief second where you really are.  Well, you're ok.  It is still us.  We've just got a new shop front, a pretty, new shop front which allows us to have lots of pretty photographs and show things off a bit.    (pretty ribbon) Over the coming weeks I'm planning to get more photographs on the site so that it becomes more of a 'shop' experience so that although you still won't be able to touch the fabric (technology isn't that good yet..) it should be more possible to guage pattern size a little better and how it looks across a width.  Those are the... Continue Reading →

How to cover a 'self-cover button'

October 02, 2014

I love self-cover buttons.  They're so versatile.  It's always possible to have the perfect button for your sewing.  No more wasted hours spent searching for the perfect shape size, colour .... This is a little tutorial to share how I cover self-cover buttons.  Not everyone does it the same way but I've grown to prefer this method. When I'm covering larger buttons I often use a piece of wadding cut to the same size as the button top under the fabric. I think it softens the look of the button slightly and it just feels nice. If you're using a metal button kit it also stops the metal shining through, particularly if your fabric has a more open weave. Really though it's... Continue Reading →