Here at Gone to Earth Fabrics we love to craft, sew, patchwork, quilt and make bags,  Using beautiful fabrics makes it an even more enjoyable activity.  If creating beautiful things is something you like to do too then you've arrived at the perfect place.

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Whole Rolls of Interlining - H640 and wonderful woven G700-10

March 05, 2015

If you're a seasoned crafter or are making to sell then sometimes is makes more sense financially and in terms of making the most of your craft investment to buy a whole roll of interlining.  So, today I've added whole rolls of H640 fusible fleece and the wonderful white G700-10 woven interlining.   I   I know I've said it before but I hardly make anything these days without the inclusion of the G700-10.  It's wonderful.  I quite often use it behind my embroidery as a stabiliser and it works really well. But I digress... back to the whole rolls thing which is really the news I was trying to share. Buying a whole roll might be a better option... Continue Reading →

Tutorial: How to Add a magnetic snap

March 03, 2015

As you probably already know magnetic snaps come in different sizes and are available in different metal finishes. They are not recommended for use on anything which will come into contact with computers, laptops or audio equipment because of the possibility of upsetting or even scrambling/destroying hard disks and other delicate computer electronics. On non-techy items though they provide a secure, unobstrusive closure which are relatively straightforward to apply and add a professional finish to bags and purses, particularly when combined with other matching metal hardware.   Not an easy photo to take - they kept 'snapping' together! A magnetic snap set comprises four parts; one half of the snap is magnetic, the other part of the snap is metal... Continue Reading →